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Want to know a secret?


So you want to learn Spanish, and you want to learn  it fast. The easiest and more efficient way to accomplish this goal is just to plunge right in. Totally immerse yourself in anything and everything Spanish. The trick is to have a love affair not only with the language,but with the culture as well.

Abby-Broter--1024x630.jpgI will give you some secrets that will help you learn Spanish fast.

  • Be honest with yourself. What exactly are your goals? How much linguistic ability you posses? Do you have a good ear for language? Determine how much time each day you want to devote to Spanish and stick with it. Proceed at your own pace. There is no rush!
  • One way or another, get in touch with Edwin Manzoni in www.worldwidespanishtutor.com and let him help you learn Spanish fast.
  • Listen to Spanish whenever you can. Never miss an opportunity to become involved with the language. A wide selection of foreing films available at www.netflix.com
  • I recommend the use of www.dulingo.com 10 minutes a day so you can get more vocabulary and learn more verbs to use in class.
    Your knowledge of Spanish is undoubtedly more extensive than you realize.
    That’s right. You know more that you think.
    Chocolate, Patatoes, tomatoes, taxi, patio, piano, mosquito- and the list of Spanish words used in English is surprisingly long!

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